TV Movie: Bert & Dickie

The cast/crew bit: directed by David Blair, written by William Ivory, starring Matt Smith & Sam Hoare

The ten-word synopsis: Olympic drama based on a true story. It’s about sculling.

“Olympic Fever” may be the most contagious disease known to mankind. For a couple of weeks, once every four years, 90% of the population finds themselves plonked in front of a screen of some description, barely flinching, as they watch endless reels of sport. It’s like a mad athletic craving. Sometimes, simply watching the sport itself isn’t good enough for us, and our obsession must pour out into the rest of the world. We want to eat Olympic cereals for breakfast. We want to sleep in Olympic beds. We want to drive Olympic cars. Bert & Dickie exists to try and fill this kind of hole, for people who want to watch Olympic films. Continue reading


Game: Rugby World Cup 2011

The system/developer/publisher bit: PS3 (Also available on Xbox 360), published by 505 Games, developed by HB Studios

The ten-word synopsis: A virtual version of Rugby Union’s quad-annual showpiece.

The essential way to start this article is by noting that the writer is a big rugby fan. As such, even if the game emitted deadly radiation that turned your hands into goats hooves after 20 minutes of play and then subsequently filled you with uncontrollable desires to eat your own family, I’d force myself to like it. And not just to like it, but to play it a lot. This happened with Rugby 04- then virtually the only Rugby game on the market for the owner of a PC that vomited every time a copy of Jonah Lomu Rugby was inserted. Continue reading