Film: Following

The cast/crew bit: written & directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Jeremy Theobauld and Alex Haw

The ten-word synopsis: Writer who follows people for material gets involved in dodginess.

In 1996, a young man called Christopher Nolan, who made a living by producing corporate training videos, set out with the aim of making a feature film. Having written a script inspired by a robbery that happened to him not too long beforehand, he roped in a friend, with whom he had previous made a short film, and his girlfriend, and a couple of others he knew, to help. 15 years later, this man is one of the most successful movie directors on the planet, both critically and commercially. Continue reading


Film: Harvey

The cast/crew bit: directed by Henry Koster, starring Jimmy Stewart & Josephine Hull

The ten-word synopsis: Man befriends 6’3.5″ giant rabbit only he can see.

Vertigo may have topped the AFIs list and It’s a Wonderful Life might be the most charming film ever made, but for my money, James Stewart never put in a better performance thanĀ  that of Elwood P Dowd in Harvey. The man affectionately known as ‘Jimmy’ is the kind of actor who is just immensely likeable, perhaps more so than anyone before or after him, and Harvey is, as an actor, his coup de grace.
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