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EverBirdd Yearly Summary 2012 2013 – 1 Year Anniversary Edition


As we celebrated 1 year anniversary a month ago and launched kind of summary video of what we published in this year, I thought it’s time to post this summary video on here too, so those who are following us only here will be able to watch this video aswell.

There was not much celebration during this occassion and we even didn’t post anything recently so we hope we’d also get on here those of you, who encounter on this site just occassionally. Here are good movies, games and TV shows reviewed and we hope (as here’s a lot of new stuff going on constantly), we’ll add something new in a proper time.

Stay with us and tune on here now and then to see if anything is new. You never know what we might add.


EverBirdd is here – Introduction movie

Yes, that’s right, we at EverBirdd know there’s never enough of ways to introduce yourselves. So here it is- one small intro movie about what we are striving to do and so far we’re doing all this very successfully. You can find our intro movie on quite a few places so we believe you’ll stumble upon us many ways and on many sites + Twitter and Facebook of course.