EverBirdd is a website on a mission. The world is filled with all forms of entertainment. Games, film, TV… All of them have their unique ups and downs, but that’s not what EverBirdd is out to look at. No, EverBirdd wants to cover every single film, game and TV episode ever made. It’s a near-impossible task. It’s an uphill struggle, certainly, but it’s something to strive for.

The successor to Knight-Nui.com, EverBirdd’s aims to cover the entire history of entertainment in a way that is, in itself, entertaining. Each film, game or episode shall be covered in an 600-ish word article (It’s a guideline, in reality they may be far longer or shorter, all dependant on what’s being covered) with a score lumped on the end to make it interesting and somewhat controversial.

EverBirdd is still a work in progress, and as such you may find areas are not what we hope they shall soon be. We aim to connect EverBirdd to the old Knight-Nui forums, to try and bring the community that once existed there back to life.

EverBirdd went public on the 16th July 2012, one month and six years after its’ predecessor, Knight-Nui was unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. We have high hopes for EverBirdd, and aim to open it up to give you, the humble reader, a chance to join the EverBirdd team shortly. At present, all the staff have inherited positions from being on the Knight-Nui panel, although admittedly not all the KN staff have carried through.

Hopefully you enjoy EverBirdd and comment on the articles, as we’d love to try and get some sort of debates going. Cheers!

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