Welcome to EverBirdd!

Welcome to EverBirdd- Possibly the most ambitious website on the entire internet. Whilst we may have the appearance of a small blog, the spirit running through EverBirdd is the same that pulsated in our predecessor, Knight-Nui.com. One of ambition, of spirit, of will. While KN, for years, struggled to match its tall targets set, EverBirdd has decided to revel in them. By aiming to catalogue every single movie, video game and TV series ever made, we’re taking on a deliberately uphill struggle. It’s going to be great trying to achieve it.

Instead of being your average review site, EverBirdd aims to give you an insight. We aim not to look at how good a product is, but why it’s good. (Or not, as the case may be) We’ve got one article on each of our subjects (One film, one TV show and one game) ready for you to read, with plenty more coming for you to sample our unique take on entertainment coverage. There shall be no surface-skimming on EverBirdd. Unless we’re doing it deliberately, in which case please praise us for being vigilantes rising up to our own dictatorship.

Anyway, EverBirdd is here now, and it’s here to stay. We’ve got a team of excellent (Well, average-to-just-above in any case) writers here to hopefully enthral you in our gleefully impossible task. Wish us luck…

The EverBirdd Team


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