Film: Donnie Darko

The cast/crew bit: Written & directed by Richard Kelly, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Drew Barrymore and Patrick Swayze

The 10-word synopsis: Troubled teenager finds himself haunted by an apocalypse-predicting bunny.

It may seem like an odd port of call for a comparison to Richard Kellys’ chilling horror/fantasy/sci-fi drama, but Donnie Darko feels like a cinematic version of the Mona Lisa. This is a film put together with such craftsmanship that you can’t help but admire each and every brushstroke or craftily-placed fat man. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see another film with such a carefully built-up world as Donnie Darko. Designed and planned to within an inch of its life, this is a film that feels like somebodies lifes work, which, considering d├ębutante director Kellys’ subsequent pictures, it seems to be. Continue reading


TV: Maid Marian and Her Merry Men – Series One

The cast/crew bit: written & directed by plus starring Tony Robinson, also starring Kate Lonrgan and Wayne Morris

The ten-word synopsis: An alternative take on Robin Hood, where Marians’ in control.

You know your scripts an absolute winner when you can make a program that remains funny despite a distinct inability to act from your lead actress. Maid Marian and her Merry Men is possibly the funniest childrens TV show ever made, but it’s no thanks to Marian herself, Kate Lonergan. Originally broadcast in 1989, the program is the brain child of Blackadders’ Tony Robinson, with Richard Curtis also involved less prolifically Continue reading

Film: The Dark Knight

The cast/crew bit: written & directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman & Heath Ledger

The ten-word synopsis: A reinvigorated Joker plots and schemes against Batman. Fun ensures.

Confession time: I never really ‘got’ the Joker. To me, he was never a villain worthy of the hype. He was just some bloke with in make up. No powers, just a cackling laugh. Slightly mad, which is always good, but just lacked oompth. You may have noticed that the last paragraph was written in the past tense, because the moment I saw The Dark Knight, something clicked. Continue reading

Film: Batman Begins

The cast & crew bit: written & directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy

The ten-word synopsis: Batman as put through the mind of genius director Christopher Nolan.

I’m going to start by saying it: The bit where he summons all the bats as ‘back-up’ is naff. Naffer, in fact, than the word ‘naff’, which is a word I thankfully haven’t used in a very long time. It’s a cringe-worthy moment, especially as it comes at a point in which the mask and voice still look a bit daft to the audience. Whilst the bat-face undoubtedly fades into commonplace after a scene or two, the voice is, annoyingly, going to force me to use that word again. It’s naff. Continue reading

Game: Rugby World Cup 2011

The system/developer/publisher bit: PS3 (Also available on Xbox 360), published by 505 Games, developed by HB Studios

The ten-word synopsis: A virtual version of Rugby Union’s quad-annual showpiece.

The essential way to start this article is by noting that the writer is a big rugby fan. As such, even if the game emitted deadly radiation that turned your hands into goats hooves after 20 minutes of play and then subsequently filled you with uncontrollable desires to eat your own family, I’d force myself to like it. And not just to like it, but to play it a lot. This happened with Rugby 04- then virtually the only Rugby game on the market for the owner of a PC that vomited every time a copy of Jonah Lomu Rugby was inserted. Continue reading

EverBirdd is here – Introduction movie

Yes, that’s right, we at EverBirdd know there’s never enough of ways to introduce yourselves. So here it is- one small intro movie about what we are striving to do and so far we’re doing all this very successfully. You can find our intro movie on quite a few places so we believe you’ll stumble upon us many ways and on many sites + Twitter and Facebook of course.

Film: Seeking a Friend For The End of the World

The cast/crew bit: written & directed by Lorene Scafeira, starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley

The ten-word synopsis: The end is nigh. Two neighbours look for companionship.

The end of the world is an odd choice of topic for a comedy. While it’s worth noting that the film takes a far darker tone than the trailers do, it is refreshing to see a film willing to have a crack at a fairly difficult subject in an almost light-hearted way. As such, seeing these kind of norms challenged and subsequently beaten down makes Seeking a Friend For The End of the World feels like a far better film than it probably is. Continue reading

TV: The IT Crowd – Series One

The cast/crew bit: Written & directed by Graham Linehan, starring Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade & Katherine Parkinson

The 10-word synopsis: Computer-Illiterate woman gets job in IT with two geeks.

Graham Linehan is clearly a man with genius in his blood. In a world awash with unfunny sitcoms and so-called ‘comedies’ that couldn’t raise a laugh if they wore those glasses with fake moustaches attached over their nose and their nans’ pants on their head, Linehan has struck gold for the second time, following up the brilliant Father Ted with 2006’s equally fantastic The IT Crowd. Continue reading

Welcome to EverBirdd!

Welcome to EverBirdd- Possibly the most ambitious website on the entire internet. Whilst we may have the appearance of a small blog, the spirit running through EverBirdd is the same that pulsated in our predecessor, One of ambition, of spirit, of will. While KN, for years, struggled to match its tall targets set, EverBirdd has decided to revel in them. By aiming to catalogue every single movie, video game and TV series ever made, we’re taking on a deliberately uphill struggle. It’s going to be great trying to achieve it.

Instead of being your average review site, EverBirdd aims to give you an insight. We aim not to look at how good a product is, but why it’s good. (Or not, as the case may be) We’ve got one article on each of our subjects (One film, one TV show and one game) ready for you to read, with plenty more coming for you to sample our unique take on entertainment coverage. There shall be no surface-skimming on EverBirdd. Unless we’re doing it deliberately, in which case please praise us for being vigilantes rising up to our own dictatorship.

Anyway, EverBirdd is here now, and it’s here to stay. We’ve got a team of excellent (Well, average-to-just-above in any case) writers here to hopefully enthral you in our gleefully impossible task. Wish us luck…

The EverBirdd Team